Top Cat Snow Machine (H-S6)

Top Cat Snow Machine (H-S6)

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Top Cat Snow Machine: Unmatched Snow Effects for Every Occasion

Discover the Top Cat Snow Machine, a leader in snow effect technology with a substantial 20-litre tank capacity. Ideal for stage productions, events, and festive displays.

Our innovative design sets a new standard by addressing the limitations of traditional snow machines. The Top Cat's 10-metre hose allows for easy placement and versatility, eliminating the need for precarious setups.

Experience advanced features that cater to professionals: timed operation, manual control, wireless remote functionality, and DMX compatibility. With its high-power fan and adjustable snow output, the Top Cat Snow Machine meets the demands of any large-scale, realistic snow effect.

  • Maximum Height: Approximately 8 metres, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum Distance: Approximately 8 metres, ensuring wide coverage
  • Fluid Consumption at Full Volume: Efficient at approximately 2.5 minutes per litre
  • Recommended Fluid: Use PRO-X.2 or PRO-X Snow Fluid for optimal performance (Supplied by Stage FX)

Whether you're creating a winter wonderland or adding a touch of magic to your next event, the Top Cat Snow Machine is your go-to solution for lifelike snow effects. Enhance your productions with the best in snow technology.